Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Decorating fever

I always love to decorate, and re-decorate everything and anything. Seriously I find so much joy from decorating. Lately I've been going through my house room by room. I started with the master bedroom.
Here's some of my inspiration for the master bedroom decor:
This the bed we have, my husband picked it out before we met... and although it wouldn't be my first choice, I'm learning to work with it.
Someday I'll have a headboard like this. I've always loved the diamond pleated look. It's so classic yet elegant. I think it would look fabulous in white leather! Someday :)
Back to more inspiration
I've made a few of these for my bed... minus the butterfly. I used rhinestones for the center too! It adds a bit of glamor without being too much for my husband!
I'm loving this color, not too girly or too masculine. Just right
I bought a dark charcoal duvet cover for our bed from Ikea. I know this picture is horrible but it's absolutely stunning in real life!
For the sheets I got some that matched the curtains to brighten the bedding up, and the flower pillows help a bunch too.
Right now for accents I have hurricane vases filled with wild grass river rocks. It adds a bit of freshness to the room and pulls it all together.
I'll post pictures of the fine project in a few days once I've finished all of th final details!

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Waters Family said...

So, I am discovering that we have similar taste in decorating!!! Elegant...yet not to foofy for the husbands! Clean lines, with a little glam thrown in. :)
Our house is a process also, but coming along.