Monday, December 15, 2008


For now that will have to do.. I gotta run to pick up Casey from school, but that is my attempt to catch everyone up on all that's been going on. I'll try to post more stuff real soon!!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!!!

Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving day we spent with my family. It's amazing how much our family has grown over the past few years.  It was wonderful to have both Jayden and Colby there to celebrate, even if they slept through most of it... I am so thankful for everything God has blessed me with, and especially my amazing husband!

6 Months

Recently we also celebrated 6 months of marriage. It's amazing how fast it goes by. It's been a wonderful and exciting time and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with Jeremy! I am so thankful that I married a man who makes me laugh like no one else can, holds my, kisses me goodnight and holds me till I fall asleep, loves me for who I am and supports all my crazy dreams, makes candlelit dinners for me to come home to, puts my needs and wants before his, reaches for my hand when were in the car, still calls me baby, keeps me warm when I'm freezing. washes my car, watches wedding shows over and over with me, and loves me more and more each day. Not everyone is as blessed to have such an amazing husband to share the rest of their life with... I can't wait Baby!

Visiting Family

The days leading up to Thanksgiving we headed down to Seal Beach to spend a few wonderful days with Jeremy's parents and grandparents. It was such a wonderful time and the weather was so beautiful. The rain held off till after we had left which was so nice!
Jeremy's Parents & Grandparents showed us a wonderful time. They live in the neatest town.
The last night we were there we ate at a resturant that was overlooking the ocean and had such an amazing view. We were lucky enough to see the sun set...such an incredible site...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Crazy busy

As I'm sure most of you can relate with being super busy with the holidays! It's such a wonderful time but I promise I will post soon... Lots of pictures to come!