Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Adventures!

So I posted a while back about how I was going to make a few burp clothes for a friend to give to her at the baby shower... I never had imagined making them for other people to buy but when I was at the shower, people loved them so much and thought that they were so cute that I've been asked to make some more sets. I am selling a set of 4 for $20. I can't wait to have little ones so that I can make all sorts of cute stuff for them! If your interested in a set email me @ You can pick the colors or designs. These are just examples of one's that I've made for people already!

21st Birthay

My birthday 21st birthday was a lot of fun! We went to the Casino to have a little fun and then to PF Chang's for dinner! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated with me!
Pineapple Upside Down, Not a fan of the Cake but the drink is a favorite!
Jeremy made sure I had tons of balloons! I have always loved balloons.... Thanks Baby!
PF Changs! So Yummy!!

1 Year old Cakes...

We celebrated our first year of marriage! It's amazing how fast the year has gone by. This past year has been such and exciting and life changing time. I never could imagine finding someone like Jeremy, He cares about everything that's important to me, and loves to make me feel like I'm a princess. Even a year later I find myself in shock that he picked me and can't believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing man by my side for the rest of my life. Someone who supports all my crazy dreams and pushes me to achieve them. I can't wait to be the mother of his kids! One day He'll make the most amazing Daddy! I love you Baby! Happy One Year... Cheers to the next 100 <3


So a few months ago we got a dog named Lucky. This dog is seriously the best dog we could have asked for. He even know's the command, "Get off the Carpet." He then goes and finds the tile. He's so stinking cute and loves riding in trucks. Well Memorial Day weekend we went to the lake and decided to take Lucky with us. Uncertain if he'd ever been to a lake or how he would do... He did amazing! He loves swimming!!!
Once we got home he stunk horribly so we had to give him a bath!!

Busy Busy Busy

So I haven't been the best blogger lately... I've actually let it go altogether but We've been so busy this past May, Jeremy's Sister came to town for a week visit, My Neice Elli had her 3rd birthday, Sisters Jennifer and Joy both had birthdays as well, baby showers, and Jeremy and I had our first wedding anniversary.... But I'll try and give updates about everything that's going on lately!
We took very few pictures when tamara was in town but we had so much fun having here stay with us. Wish she lived closer than OK but hopefully one day she'll move out here! We celebrated my birthday early with her at the Cheesecake factory! Oh so Yummy!!! And of course we just had to go to San Fran... She's destined for a big city, I on the other hand will always live in a small town... Mainly because my impatience in traffic would drive me insane! We loved having you tamara! Can't wait to see everyone for Christmas!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mono and Burp Cloths

Jeremy has come down with mono and it's so sad. I hate it when my husband is sick, especially when there's nothing I can do to make him feel better. If you think about it please pray that he recovers from it quickly. The doctor says it can last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months...
Since I've been home taking care of him I've been trying to keep busy doing little projects around the house. But there's only so much cleaning to do in this house. I have a few friends who are expecting new little ones soon and so I found this adorable tutorial. So I've been busy making these and matching blankets. I can't wait to give them! You can find the tutorial here if you want to. It's so cute and she has so many other creative ideas!