Friday, August 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I am: married to my best friend.

I think: this weather is way to hot.

I know: I am loved more than I realize it.

I want: my weekends to be the same days as my husbands.

I have: a kitty named Cami.

I wish: I understood more things in life.

I hate: cleaning.

I miss: traveling over sea's. It's been a while. :(

I fear: not fulfilling all that God has for me.

I feel: tired, yet excited for the weekend!

I hear: Mary Poppins on the tv, and Cadence Singing.

I smell: minty fresh Gum. I crave: nothing. I search: answers to all of my questions.

I wonder: where we will be next year?

I regret: not apologizing when i should have.

I love: being married to Jeremy Peasley.

I care: very little about what other people think.

I always: am in the mood for frozen Yogurt.

I am not: far from perfect.

I believe: life is to short to stay mad at those you love.

I dance: in my wedding dress way to I love that dress!

I sing: in the car .

I don’t always: know how to say things but I always have lots to say.

I write: little notes to my husband every morning...almost every morning.

I win: nothing. However, Jeremy's is the luckiest person i know.

I lose: my keys way to often.

I never: want to put my kids in daycare

I listen: very intently to those i respect.

I can usually be found: by calling my cellphone. I'm never in one place for long lately. I am scared: of not being in control of certain things. It's good when God's in control but very scary.

I need: a nap.

I am happy about: my new business venture.

This is called the Random Things...and here's how it goes: Rules of Engagement: 1) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below). 2) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them. 3) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog. Six Random Things About Faith: 1) I am currently a nanny for two adorable kids, Cadence and Casey.

2) I have been married for 84 days..and they have been amazing.

3) I would love to travel to many more countries with my husband, but hopefully go back to Romania with Jeremy soon.

4) I can’t wait to be a mom. And raise my kids.

5) I love riding on Jeremy's bike with him.

6) I hate the movie Mary Poppins, classic or's so anoying. Tagged: Kristi P. Jenna P. Lydia G. Shelly A. Phill A. Danielle B.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great America

So since the summer is almost over Jeremy and I decided to go to Great America for the day. Jeremy has never been before, So it was a perfect excuse to get away and enjoy the day. The weather couldn't have been been better. It was so beautiful and the breeze was so nice. I would love to live down there, on days when its 100+ degrees here...
You gotta have a picture for the road... Yup that's my Baby!...
Such a fun day...
Us Just being Us...dorks... :)
The BEST ride at the Park!!!