Monday, March 21, 2011

You know those friends that you rarely get to see, but when you do, you have so much fun together and it seems impossible that you only see them once a year. Well that's how it is with Paul & Brandy. Jeremy and Paul have been best buddies since they were kids running around the streets of Oklahoma. And I'm so excited that we get to see them. They are flying here this week and we get to spend Wednesday with them. I know it will be a day full of fun, and exactly what I'm needing to break up my crazy busy work schedule.
I thought I would have to work on Wednesday but I am so very excited that I get that day off. So that means I have a million things to do before then... Oh but I'm so excited!!
And to make things better... I'm getting my hair colored tomorrow. It seems like it been raining NONSTOP here and I'm ready for summer. Even though the weather isn't cooperating with me, I'm going blonde! So ready for something new.

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