Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So I haven't been the best blogger lately... I've actually let it go altogether but We've been so busy this past May, Jeremy's Sister came to town for a week visit, My Neice Elli had her 3rd birthday, Sisters Jennifer and Joy both had birthdays as well, baby showers, and Jeremy and I had our first wedding anniversary.... But I'll try and give updates about everything that's going on lately!
We took very few pictures when tamara was in town but we had so much fun having here stay with us. Wish she lived closer than OK but hopefully one day she'll move out here! We celebrated my birthday early with her at the Cheesecake factory! Oh so Yummy!!! And of course we just had to go to San Fran... She's destined for a big city, I on the other hand will always live in a small town... Mainly because my impatience in traffic would drive me insane! We loved having you tamara! Can't wait to see everyone for Christmas!!!

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